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Mr. Lee wing-sheng,came to visit our company

On April 21, Dr. Li Yongsheng, and his entourage visited Suzhou all-Wave Communication Technology Co., Ltd., located in Changshu National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone.



All-Wave Communications Anywave brand ATSC transmitter has received FCC certification and has been supplied in bulk in the United States.

In 2013, all-Wave Communications entered North America on the basis of leading the domestic communications market share, and the all-Wave Exciter quickly opened up the market in the United States and occupied a place in the United States. On the basis of the mass supply of actuators, the company added two new product lines, transmitter and repeater with echo cancellation, and began to transform from a single equipment supplier to a system solution provider.



All-wave communication repeater won the Top Ten innovative Product Awards of 2012 Radio and Television

[Huicong Radio and Television Network] on December 15, snowflakes flying and a cold wind blowing came, and Huicong Industrial Park was warm and mellow here. Radio and television industry's annual feast "create billion Cup 2012 radio and television ten outstanding enterprises selection" award ceremony started smoothly!