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All-wave communication repeater won the Top Ten innovative Product Awards of 2012 Radio and Television

Date: 2013-3-29

[Huicong Radio and Television Network] on December 15, snowflakes flying and a cold wind blowing came, and Huicong Industrial Park was warm and mellow here. Radio and television industry's annual feast "create billion Cup 2012 radio and television ten outstanding enterprises selection" award ceremony started smoothly! Experts, scholars, buyers and business elites in various fields of the broadcasting and television industry gathered together to witness the development of the broadcasting and television industry in 2012 and talk about the new trends in the broadcasting and television industry in 2013.

In order to create a major event in the industry, the organizers did not hesitate to invest a lot of energy and money in refining the various links of the selection, pushing forward the selection steps layer by layer, and strictly checking the gate. "Ten International Brands", "Ten National Brands for production and dissemination", "Ten National Brands for Transmission", "Ten innovative products", "Ten Outstanding Brands", "Ten Top New Enterprises", "Ten Top people" and "Top Ten National Brands", "Ten National Brands for Transmission", "Ten Outstanding Brands" The eight major awards of the Organizing Committee Special Awards (OCOG) were launched today.

Gathering together, filled with pride, the strength of the Deer decisive battle peak, Star Shining, we witness this glorious moment with you together!

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